Neuroscience Graduate Program

The Brain and Mind Research Institute is home to the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Neuroscience by its very nature is a multi-disciplinary field, and our students therefore explore their varied research interests through a combination of activities in the laboratory and in the classroom, as well as personal study. The curriculum is flexible and is developed by each student through consultation with the Program Director and with her/his Advisor to include basic coursework and lab rotations completed within the first 2 years followed by an Admission to Candidacy Exam (the ACE) and then completion of a thesis. Theses are completed within a Neuroscience Faculty's lab, which is slightly different than a BMRI faculty lab, although many investigators do overlap. To see a complete list of Neuroscience Graduate Program Faculty, please click link at the bottom of this page.

Focus areas in the program include: 1) neural disease, 2) synaptic transmission, 3) developmental neurobiology and regeneration, 4) vision, 5) computational and systems neuroscience, and 6) neuropharmacology. Over 60 faculty members in the program come from Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC), Sloan-Kettering Institute (SKI, part of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center), and Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute, and students have the opportunity to rotate at each of these respective locations.

The research interests of the program cover the entire range of neuroscience, including the regulation of neural development, neuronal plasticity, control of neurotransmitter synthesis and release, learning, the response of neurons and neural tissue to injury, the regulation of gene expression, endocrine function, circuit development, vision and other sensory systems, information processing, and behavior.

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