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Clinical & Translational Neuroscience Unit (CTNU)

CTNU Program Description

The Clinical and Translational Neuroscience Unit (CTNU) at the Brain and Mind Research Institute explores neurological disease through patient-oriented research programs. Directed by Dr. Hooman Kamel, CTNU allows fellows the opportunity to work with investigators from a variety of topics, from stroke to consciousness disorders. Find out more about our research below and check out our Fellowship Program.

Our research makes use of:

Administrative claims data from large populations
Detailed clinical and physiological data from large-scale epidemiological studies
Cutting-edge neuroimaging
Multimodal studies of electrophysiological recordings, neuroimaging, and clinical phenotype
Bench-to-bedside translational projects

Neurological Research Areas

Find the CTNU investigator who matches your field of neurological research. 

  • Hooman Kamelatrial disease and stroke
  • Babak Navicancer and stroke
  • Ajay Guptaatherosclerosis and stroke
  • Alexander Merklermyocardial disease and stroke
  • Santosh Murthyintracerebral hemorrhage
  • Nicholas Schiff: disorders of consciousness
  • Margaret Ross: neurogenetics
  • Makoto Ishii: metabolic derangements in neurodegenerative disease
  • Costantino Iadecola | Amy Kuceyeski | Ashish Rajbrain connectivity disorders

Clinical Data Sources

Fellows have access to a rich variety of research data:

  1. Cornell AcutE Stroke Academic Registry (CAESAR): a prospective registry spanning 2011-2017 and comprising 2,014 cases of acute ischemic stroke, 650 cases of intracerebral hemorrhage, and 550 cases of subarachnoid hemorrhage
  2. Inpatient and outpatient claims data on a 5% nationally representative sample of Medicare beneficiaries
  3. Administrative claims data on all emergency department visits and acute care hospitalizations in California, Florida, and New York from 2005-2016
  4. Nationwide Inpatient Sample from 1994-2016

Research Funding

CTNU research programs are funded by the NIH (grants U01NS095869, R01NS097443, K23NS082367, K23NS091395, and K08AG051179), organizations such as the American Academy of Neurology and the American Heart Association, and private philanthropic groups.

Research Opportunities

Learn more about the CTNU Fellowship Program

Research Publications

The CTNU has published several papers in high-impact journals such as NEJMJAMACirculation, and Annals of Neurology. These papers have all involved crucial participation from students, residents, and fellows, attesting to the positive educational impact of our group.

Browse our list of all CTNU publications and publications involving work done by students.

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