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Neuroimaging Categorizes Four Depression Subtypes

Dr. Conor Liston MD '08. Photo credit: Carlos Rene Perez

Patients with depression can be categorized into four unique subtypes defined by distinct patterns of abnormal connectivity in the brain, according to new research from Weill Cornell Medicine.

In a collaborative study published Dec. 5 in Nature Medicine,...

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Drs. Josef Anrather, Corinne Benakis, and David Brea discover that GI tract bacteria can help reduce stroke severity.

Commensal microbiota affects ischemic stroke outcome by regulating intestinal...

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Dr. Conor Liston receives the IMHRO / Janssen Rising Star Translational Research Award

“Circuit Biomarkers for Diagnosing and Treating Neurophysiological Subtypes of Depression”

Dr. Liston is striving to...

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    •    Dr. Makoto Ishii received the prestigious Beeson Career Development Award : Pathobiology of Hypothalamic and Metabolic Dysfunction in Normal Aging and Alzheimer's Disease
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