Effects of PB-TURSO on the transcriptional and metabolic landscape of sporadic ALS fibroblasts.

TitleEffects of PB-TURSO on the transcriptional and metabolic landscape of sporadic ALS fibroblasts.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsFels JA, Dash J, Leslie K, Manfredi G, Kawamata H
JournalAnn Clin Transl Neurol
Date Published2022 Sep 09

OBJECTIVE: ALS is a rapidly progressive, fatal disorder caused by motor neuron degeneration, for which there is a great unmet therapeutic need. AMX0035, a combination of sodium phenylbutyrate (PB) and taurursodiol (TUDCA, TURSO), has shown promising results in early ALS clinical trials, but its mechanisms of action remain to be elucidated. Therefore, our goal was to obtain an unbiased landscape of the molecular effects of AMX0035 in ALS patient-derived cells.

METHODS: We investigated the transcriptomic and metabolomic profiles of primary skin fibroblasts from sporadic ALS patients and healthy controls (nā€‰=ā€‰12/group) treated with PB, TUDCA, or PB-TUDCA combination (Combo). Data were evaluated with multiple approaches including differential gene expression and metabolite abundance, Gene Ontology and metabolic pathway analysis, weighted gene co-expression correlation analysis (WGCNA), and combined multiomics integrated analysis.

RESULTS: Combo changed many more genes and metabolites than either PB or TUDCA individually. Most changes were unique to Combo and affected the expression of genes involved in nucleocytoplasmic transport, unfolded protein response, mitochondrial function, RNA metabolism, and innate immunity. WGCNA showed significant correlations between ALS gene expression modules and clinical parameters that were abolished by Combo treatment.

INTERPRETATION: This study is the first to explore the molecular effects of Combo in ALS patient-derived cells. It shows that Combo has a greater and distinct impact compared with the individual compounds and provides clues to drug targets and mechanisms of action, which may underlie the benefits of this investigational drug combination.

Alternate JournalAnn Clin Transl Neurol
PubMed ID36083004
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