Transposable elements and Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis.

TitleTransposable elements and Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsEvering TH, Marston JL, Gan L, Nixon DF
JournalTrends Neurosci
Date Published2023 Mar
KeywordsAlzheimer Disease, Amyloid beta-Peptides, DNA Transposable Elements, Humans, Microglia, Neurofibrillary Tangles, Plaque, Amyloid, tau Proteins

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterized by the pathological accumulation of amyloid β (Aβ) plaques and neurofibrillary tangles composed of hyperphosphorylated tau. Microglia and astrocytes respond to the abnormal presence of tau protein with induced transposable element (TE) transcription. In this Forum, we discuss new data that link dysregulated TE expression to AD pathogenesis.

Alternate JournalTrends Neurosci
PubMed ID36588011
Grant ListR21 AG071433 / AG / NIA NIH HHS / United States
R21 NS126094 / NS / NINDS NIH HHS / United States