Kuceyeski, Amy - Ashish Raj Program

Amy Kuceyeski, Ph.D.
Instructor of Mathematics in Radiology and Neuroscience
Brain and Mind Research Institute



Dr. Amy Kuceyeski came to Weil Cornell Medical College as postdoctoral fellow in July of 2009 shortly after receiving her PhD in applied mathematics from Case Western Reserve University. In February 2013 was appointed to the position of Instructor of Neuroscience in the Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute and Instructor of Mathematics in the Radiology Department. Her thesis work involved the creation and validation of statistical models of hepatic metabolism using numerical optimization routines and Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations.  After receiving her degree, her interests in mathematical modeling of biological processes turned from the liver to the brain. Her current research interests lie mainly in investigating the structural connectivity patterns of the human brain and how disruption of these connections relates to cognitive and physical disability in various diseases, including traumatic brain injury, alcohol dependence, Fronto-temporal dementia, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s. In early 2013, Dr. Kuceyeski was awarded the Leon Levy Research Fellowship in Neuroscience from the Feil Family Brain and Mind Institute.

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