Academic Year 2018

Li Gan (PI)
Rainwater Charitable Foundation, RCF 190078-01
Tau Consortium

Conor Liston (PI)
NIMH 1R01MH118451-01
Regulation of prefrontal cortical circuit function and reward-seeking behavior by
stress-induced dendritic spine remodeling 

Giuseppe Faraco (PI)
Cure Alzheimer's Fund
Dietary salt, tau phosphorylation and cognitive impairment

Jacqueline Burre (PI)
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
Stabilization of synaptic vesicle-bound alpha-synuclein to reduce alpha-synuclein aggregation and pathology in Parkinson’s disease

Giovanni Manfredi (PI)
NINDS (Mt.Sinai Sub) 1R21NS109913-01
Targeting the mitochondrial UPR in familial ALS

Li Gan (PI)
NINDS 7U54NS100717-03
Linking tau proteostasis with neuronal activity in FTD

Karin Hochrainer (PI)
NINDS 1R01NS109588-01
Role of CaMKII-alpha ubiquitination in ischemic stroke

Josef Anrather (PI)
NINDS 2R01NS081179-06
Protective monocytes in cerebral ischemic tolerance

Hibiki Fujita (PI)
NINDS 1R21NS104520-01A1
Targeting astrocytic toxicity for ALS therapy

Timothy Vartanian (PI)
NINDS 1R21NS106581-01A1
An Infectious Etiology for Multiple Sclerosis

Timothy Spellman (PI)
NIMH 1K99MH117271-01
Prefontal Microcircuits Underlying Cognitive Flexibility

Conor Liston (PI)
NIMH 1R56MH114976-01A1
Diagnostic Neuroimaging Biomarkers of Dysfunctional Valence Systems in Depression and Anxiety

Rachel A Babij (PI)
The Instruction of Sensory Inputs in Inhibitory Circuit Maturation in the Somatosensory Cortex

Margaret Ross (PI)
NINDS 1R01NS105477-01A1
Progenitor Regulation Underlying Cortical Interneuron Specification

Laibaik Park (PI)
NINDS 1R01NS097805-01A1
tPA and cerebrovascular regulation in a model of ß-amyloid pathology

Santosh Murthy (PI)
NINDS 1K23NS105948-01
Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Increased Risk of Arterial Thromboembolism

Dilek Colak (PI)
NIMH 1R01MH114888-01A1
Local mRNA degradation in GluR1 signaling, synaptic plasticity, and cognitive

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