Academic Year 2017

Jordi Magrane (PI)

The Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA)
Functional analysis of primary sensory neurons and (proprio) sensory pathology
in Friedreich’s ataxia

Virginia Pickel (PI)
NIH grant R01DA042943
Aberrant prefrontal cortical plasticity and neurobehavioral consequences of adolescent marijuana

Thu Huynh (PI)
NARSAD; 1F32MH115654-01
Prefrontal microcircuit mechanisms underlying extinction memory formation

Timothy Vartanian (PI)
NINDS 1R01NS104350-01
Damage Associated Molecular Patterns and Regenerative Failure in MS

Timothy Spellman (PI)
Prefrontal Circuits Supporting Attentional Control

Anna Orr (PI)
Alzheimer's Association
Defining astrocytic-neuronal transcriptional alterations in memory loss

Keith Purpura (PI)
National Eye Institute  1R21EY028336-01
Processing of spatial information in V1 through fixational eye movements

Anna Goldschmidt Orr (PI)
National Institute on Aging  4R00AG048222-03
Roles of Astrocytic G Protein-Coupled Signaling in Memory

Teresa Milner (PI)
NIDA  1T32DA039080-01A1
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Addiction

Michael Glass (PI)
NIH  1R01HL135498-01A1 
Hypothalamic cytokines, glutamate receptor plasticity, and blood pressure

Nicholas Schiff (PI)
Daedalus Fund
Dynamic Multi-lead Deep Brain Stimulation of the Central Thalamus to Treat Chronic Cognitive Deficits in Severe-to-Moderate Traumatic Brain injured Patients

Conor Liston (PI)
Rita Allen Foundation
Prefrontal Circuit Mechanisms for Encoding Working Memory in Hyperexcitable Brain States

Jennifer Linden (PI)
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Using Endothelial Microparticles to Study Real-Time Blood Brain Barrier Permeability in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Gregory Petsko (PI)
Target ALS Foundation
Gene Therapeutic modulation of NMD for treatment of ALS

Hooman Kamel (PI)
NIH (Columbia)  1U01NS095869-01A1
AtRial Cardiopathy and Antithrombotic Drugs In prevention After cryptogenicstroke (ARCADIA)

Michael J. Glass (Co-PI)
Teresa A. Milner (Co-PI)
NHLBI  1R01HL136520-01
Contribution of estrogen receptor beta to changes in hypothalamic plasticity and hypertension susceptibility in mice with accelerated ovarian failure

Natalia De Marco Garcia (PI)
Frueauff Foundation Award
A in vivo approach to detect interneuron dysfunction in neurodevelopmental disorders

Jacqueline Burre (PI)
NINDS   1R01NS102181-01  
Molecular mechanisms of Munc18-1 linked infantile seizure disorders and rational rescue strategies

Manu Sharma (PI)
NINDS  1R01NS095988-01A1
Cellular mechanism of Adult Onset Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (ANCL) caused by mutations in cysteine string protein-alpha (CSPalpha).

Anatoly Starkov (PI)
NIH (Columbia Sub)
Mitochondrial complex-I as a target for metabolic resuscitation in perinatal hypoxicischemic brain injury

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