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Inflammation and Stroke: An Overview.

TitleInflammation and Stroke: An Overview.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAnrather J, Iadecola C
Date Published2016 10
KeywordsAnimals, Brain, Humans, Inflammation, Stroke

The immune response to acute cerebral ischemia is a major factor in stroke pathobiology and outcome. While the immune response starts locally in occluded and hypoperfused vessels and the ischemic brain parenchyma, inflammatory mediators generated in situ propagate through the organism as a whole. This "spillover" leads to a systemic inflammatory response first, followed by immunosuppression aimed at dampening the potentially harmful proinflammatory milieu. In this overview we will outline the inflammatory cascade from its starting point in the vasculature of the ischemic brain to the systemic immune response elicited by brain ischemia. Potential immunomodulatory therapeutic approaches, including preconditioning and immune cell therapy will also be discussed.

Alternate JournalNeurotherapeutics
PubMed ID27730544
PubMed Central IDPMC5081118