Development and cadherin-mediated control of prefrontal corticostriatal projections in mice.

TitleDevelopment and cadherin-mediated control of prefrontal corticostriatal projections in mice.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsMesías RE, Zaki Y, Guevara CA, Friedman LG, Hussein A, Therrien K, Magee AR, Tzavaras N, Del Valle P, Baxter MG, Huntley GW, Benson DL
Date Published2023 Oct 20

Action-outcome associations depend on prefrontal cortex (PFC) projections to the dorsal striatum. To assess how these projections form, we measured PFC axon patterning, synapse formation, and functional maturation in the postnatally developing mouse striatum. Using Hotspot analysis, we show that PFC axons form an adult-like pattern of clustered terminations in the first postnatal week that remains largely stable thereafter. PFC-striatal synaptic strength is adult-like by P21, while excitatory synapse density increases until adulthood. We then tested how the targeted deletion of a candidate adhesion/guidance protein, Cadherin-8 (Cdh8), from corticostriatal neurons regulates pathway development. Mutant mice showed diminished PFC axon targeting and reduced spontaneous glutamatergic synaptic activity in the dorsal striatum. They also exhibited impaired behavioral performance in action-outcome learning. The data show that PFC-striatal axons form striatal territories through an early, directed growth model and they highlight essential contributions of Cdh8 to the anatomical and functional features critical for the formation of action-outcome associations.

Alternate JournaliScience
PubMed ID37854688
PubMed Central IDPMC10579443